Ecobank Transfer Code : Transfer Money to Any Bank Using *326# USSD

Ecobank transfer code permits you to send cash to any bank account in Nigeria by dialing just a USSD code on your mobile device. during this guide you’ll learn what the code is, and the way to use it to accomplish transfers.
Before the introduction of the code, one would have had to go to the bank or ATM machines to finish funds transfers. Queues in ATMs and Banks aren’t do not help matter once it involves transacting there.
Under the instruction of the CBN for all banks to encourage cashless transactions, Ecobank launched its banking codes. The code works on any device available, as long as it’s a mobile phone. Also, it works on any network in the slightest degree.
To carry on with this guide, you wish to firstly register for USSD banking. Dial *326# and follow the directions on the screen to set the ball rolling. You need to dial this code on a phone number attached to your Ecobank account.

Ecobank Transfer Code Tranfer Procedures:

  1. Dial *326# with the mobile phone number liked to your Ecobank account
  2. choose the choice that says “transfer funds”.
  3. Enter the account number of the recipient and choose the bank.
  4. ensure the correct full name name of the recipient and choose next.
  5. Enter your banking PIN or the last four digits on your ATM card to substantiate your transaction.

After following the above listed steps, you’ll receive a debit alert confirming your transfer.
Things you should note:
This service can be accessed at any time of the day. However, a transaction fee of seventy Naira(N70) will be subtracted from your bank account apart from the transfer actual amount.
The code works on any mobile device, as well as android, Blackberry, Windows, Java, iOS, etc.
Apart from funds transfers, there are many different smart things you *326# can be used for.

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